The pictures are from batizados from 2010

2011, 2013 ,2014


 Batizado, a baptism into the art of capoeira.

More than a martial art or dance, capoeira is often considered a way of life by those who practice it.

At the baptism, the masters give every initiate a apelido[nickname] made for a specific reason as well as a corda [a cord belt, conferring rank,]

Batizado literally means "baptism"; besides being an initiation rite for new students it is also a graduation ceremony for advanced students and a great capoeira community celebration with masters from near and far are invited and the fraternity of capoeira is measurably strengthened by the camaraderie and interplay.

These ceremonies are a great chance to see a variety of different capoeira styles, to watch mestres play, and to see  participants play and perform their best after much perseverance and preparation. When they are open to the public, it's a great chance for outsiders to learn about the art or simply be entertained by the artistry and beauty of the art form.