Capoeira Dubai

Capoeira Dubai

Professora Espoleta has taught capoeira all over the world for the last ten years, including the USA, Bahia in Brazil, India, Iran, South africa and the UAE. She has recently returned to the UAE from Bahia, a very important centre for capoeira, where she has spent six months studying under her mestre, Mestre Alabama. Espoleta was the first person to take capoeira to India and Iran, the introduction of capoeira in India was reported by CNN. The Iranian government offered Espoleta the chance to establish the country’s Capoeira Federation and in India she received an award from the Brazilian Embassy for her musical called BRAZINDIA, which she produced, wrote and choreographed, which drew out the parallels between Brazilian and Indian culture. Espoleta’s work in India also gave opportunities to underprivileged children, teaching them capoeira and giving them discipline and making a better life for themselves, this was reported by The Times of India.

"Capoeira connected me with the vibration of the drums the magic of berimbau and the love inside me that was so great that I had to share. Brazilian dance,brazilian martial arts capoeira fighter 3

Capoeira thought me to be a part of a circle . That all have to be present in that moment. No past no future. no assumptions no winning or losing. Only a game you play and you get better at it. You can only control your opponent when you master yourself and you become one with your opponent. No room for ego just oneness.

Capoeira is a spirit that calles you.

I honor you and thank you for always being there for me . Axe ! "

                       Professora Espoleta

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